Grilled fresh conger eel from Matsuiizumi, the Conger eel professional in Sakai.

Grilled fresh conger eel from Matsuiizumi,
Grilled fresh conger eel from Matsuiizumi arrives at 3pm every Friday in limited amounts.

★We can reserve it for you, even if it is only package.

1:Compared to Unagi(eel), conger eel has higher protein with lower calories.
2:You can get enough vitamin A, D and E for one day by eating only 100g of it.

*About conger eel

①It has a rich flavor.
②It is marbled with fat, so the flavor explodes in every bite.
③The sauce Matsuiizumi makes is totally different from others.
They make the sauce with a secret recipe and a special base stock from conger eel bones and soy sauce, etc.

*How to eat

It’s ready to eat, so you can enjoy the taste of real grilled conger eel right out of the package.
It’s better to heat it up a little with a microwave, frying pan or grill.
Put additional sauce or soy sauce with wasabi if you like.


*How to prepare Anagodon(grilled conger eel with rice)

① Chop off the conger eel and heat it up in a frying pan.
② Put some sauce on rice and mix it.
③ Scoop the rice into a bowl and make a small dent on the top of the rice.
④ Put grilled conger eel, shredded seaweed and an egg yolk in the dent.
⑤ Add some chives and wasabi if you like, then mix it up nicely and it’s ready to eat.

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