Stone oven baked breads from Harvest hills in Sakai


We gladly inform that we have started to sell a variety of breads which were previously only sold at Harvest hill.All breads are very popular at Harvest hill.
Handmade breads from Harvest hill arrive on 2nd and 4th Wednesday every month.

★We highly recommend ordering it in advance since it is often sold out.We can reserve it for you, even if it is only package.



Walnut bread
It is crispy outside but very soft inside.Bakers make them nicely with in their great stone oven.You can enjoy the unique taste that only comes by being baked the stone oven.


Walnut and cheese bread
You can taste two different kinds of cheese and walnut bread.



Walnut and raisin bread
There is a nice harmony with the peel of Iyokan(a kind of citrus fruit) and the flavor of raisins.You can taste a gentle sweetness when you eat it.



Country wheat white bread
It has a distinctly rich flavor of country grown wheat with a moist and soft chewy texture.



Butter is spread nicely on each piece of bread and then baked in our stone oven to create our special rusk.
This popular rusk has a very crunchy texture and we recommend it for a snack and as a souvenir.

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